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Omas vintage pens


1948 was a year of deep transformation in Italy: on Jan. 1st the Italian Constitution became effective and in April the first elections since the fall of the Fascist regime took place.

92% of the people with a right to vote expressed their preference choosing the party which would lead the young Italian Republic into the future. In the picture is shown one of the many queues of people waiting to vote.

Italian vintage pens

WELLCOME and WELCOME pens - Two brands still shrouded in mistery (…partially)

During the 1990’s, when I was gathering information on Italian brands and their origin for the History of the Italian Fountain Pen, I was lucky enough to interview a number of former sales agents and pen shop owners who gave me precious information on many brands.


One of the most difficult brands to catalogue was WELCOME/WELLCOME which was found both on celluloid pens and on pens with semi-precious overlay.