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Italian vintage pens

SIMPLEX - SIMPLEX EXCELSIOR a multifaceted brand

The chapter dedicated to Simplex pens ( vol. II pag. 70, 71), can now have some additions due to the discovery of a number of Simplex pens which were not known when the book was written.

The marketing of Simplex pens is connected with the activity of the Milan-based “ Penne e Pennini di Meda A.” company, located in Corso Magenta.

Italian vintage pens

ANGLO AMER: the little I know

Lately I have had conversations with a few pen friends abut the history of the Anglo Amer brand. A few of them are doing extensive research on this brand and are investigating the connections between the German, British and Italian markets.

I am convinced that only the exchange of information can contribute to the growth and development of pen knowledge. For this reason I am pubishing here the little information I have gathered on this brand, so that it can be of help or stimulus to other passionate pen people to further research this brand.


Italian vintage pens

KOSCA: Updating and additions


The access to the Italian State Trade Mark  and Patent Archives and the analysis of a number of pens with overlay have finally made it possible to clarify a few aspects relative to the Milan-based Kosca Company and its production. The chapter about this Company, founded by P. Kohler and C. Schaefer (Vol. I pagg. 269/272) can therefore be enriched with new details and some new interesting  information.

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