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UNIVERSAL REX a beautiful model by The Cavaliere Company

Universal pens were produced in Milan by the Cavaliere Company.

The company’s logo was the outline of a horseshoe (Cavaliere in Italian means Knight). The logo can be found either with the horseshoe only or with a nib which goes through it.

Among the nicest models of the late 1930’s , the Universal Rex doubtlessly deserves a place of honor.

These pens were manufactured using  celluloids with very unusual color combinations and were enriched by a precious filigree cap band which very clearly recalls Waterman Patrician models.

The pen in onyx celluloid  replicates Waterman Patrician’s chromatic choice, too.

The imprint Universal Rex on the barrel includes the company logo and the words “Regist. Patent”.

The two pens in the pictures are the same model but they are not identical. There is a slight difference in diameter and the clip on the onyx pen has a floral decoration. The latter seems to be an upper version of the Rex model.

Both have a 14 ct gold Universal nib.

The Universal Rex Model was not included int my book "The History of the Italian Fountain Pen" and I am very glad to have now two pieces of this model to make a comparison.

These pens are of very high quality and they are finished with a definite taste for beauty.