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ANCORA and UHLMANN.. a mysterious connection

I have had this Uhlmman Eterno’s catalogue for years and have often wondered if the facetted pens it shows were Uhmann pens or not. They looked like Ancora pens to me.

Till a few days ago, I hadn’t seen any facetted Eterno pen.

Then I came across this strikingly beautiful facetted Uhlmann Eterno lever filler and had the chance to have a facetted Ancora lever filler of the same size…

And then, guess what?

The two pens are 100% identical.

The only remarkable difference is in the nibs…

Furthermore, the catalogue includes a senior size black pen with decorative rings which looks exactly like an Ancora Duplex, like the three pens in the picture.

I have never seen an Eterno pen with that design..

The final question is: were Ancora pens manufactured by Uhlmann or viceversa?

The answer to this question will probably be very hard to find. What is however certain is that Ancora and Uhlmann are the only two Italian pen makers who used this incredibly beautiful arco blue celluloid.