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Year of production: 2005

Number of pieces: 905

The United Nations declared 2005 to be the International Year of Physics. This declaration coincides with the 100th anniversary of physicist Albert Einstein's "miraculous year."

In 1905, Einstein wrote three of his most famous scientific papers. These legendary articles provided the basis of three fundamental fields in physics: the theory of relativity, quantum theory and the theory of Brownian motion.


Omas dedicated A solid silver 360 piston filler to the knowledge of the Universe  and the three sides of the 360 have been engraved with the formulas of the Theory of Restricted Relativity, Quantum Theory and Superstring theory.

The blue enamel line which winds along the shape of the pen symbolizes the journey of humanity from Earth to the Space like an uninterrupted series of right angles which start from the past and evolve into the future.

The 925 sterling silver body give the pen a futuristic feel as well as the lined pattern of the nib.

The number of pieces produced was 905, making reference to 1905.

The pen in itself is very fascinating as the shape of the 360 is made even more intriguing by the silver overlay and the presence of the engravings.

The pen has a peculiar packaging, with a black wooden box which shows a style totally different from most Omas creations.