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This is a very simple contribution to the knowledge and understanding of modern Omas nibs.

This page comes from an original Omas catalogue from 2005 where the various grades of Omas nibs are listed next to the explanations of the acronyms which were used to classify them


While I was checking it, I realized that the list does not include the 52° nib.

The text specifies in fact that there are 11 options but the list comprises only 10 of them (but maybe Stub and Italic are to be considered two different options even if they are listed on the same line..).

The 52° is a very special nib Omas offered to enhance handwriting for all those people who do not hold the nib at the right angle on paper: it has a rounded tip and can write in any position guaranteeing a steady flow of ink.

It is a very rare and uncommon nib most people are totally unaware of... and even Omas itself seems to have forgotten about it...

The second page of the catalogue shows and explains the technique used to transform a single-tone  into a two-tone nib.

Actually a two-tone nib is  exactly a single-ton with an extra coat.

The coating does not change the nib and is simply an aesthetic embellishment which does not affect the quality of writing. 


Many Omas collectors and aficionados believe that two-tone nibs are better and more performing than single-tone nibs.

That's not true.

They simply look more precious.