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Omas D-DAY

Year of production: 1994

Number of pieces: 5300


This limited edition was created by Omas to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the landing of the Allies in Normandy. The military enterprise, called “Overlord” was the result of a wideranging collaboration between America, Russia and England to put an end to the German occupation of France and thus initiating the process of peace.

The D day has thus become a symbol of freedom  as it paved the way for the “blue flag with 12 stars”, symbolizing Europe’s unification.

Omas decided to create this pen to “ remember not to forget” and to honor the principles of freedom and peace.

The pen is made of vegetable resin in a military  green color with a rhodiated brass cap enriched with  a gold band engraved with the name of the event.

The box is very simple, has a military design and is made of aluminium.

The colors of the outer box recall the colors of the sea, earth and sky, while the red, white and blue idealize the fundamental colors of the American, English and French flag.

The nib is 18 ct gold.

5300 pieces were produced; this was in fact the number of the ships which crossed the stormy sea on the night of between June 5th and 6th, transporting the “fighters for freedom”, soldiers of different nationalities all aiming at the same goal of freedom.The D Day is definitely a limited edition full of symbolic meaning and a nice pen indeed. it is light  and well balanced although it may be a bit small for large male hands. The nib does not offer much flexibility but it is smooth and very pleasant.