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Omas introduced the Lucens model 1n 1936 as a reply to the new fashion of the market for transparent barrels. Pelikan had paved the way in 1929 with its piston fillers and all the other pen makers followed the trend.

Parker, Conklin, and Waterman in its own way, along with many others, all strived to offer their own version of  ink visibility and large capacity.

Omas' idea was the use of the Lucens plunger filler which works as pump to draw ink inside the barrel.

The result was very positive especially thanks to the aestethics of the new model which was manufactured in black with  red or yellow transparency of the barrel and in a few very fascination colors of celluloid ( blue, green, tortoise brow, blue stripes etc.). The beauty of the barrel in black pens was enhanced by the addition of black stripes which can be vertical, horizontal or spiralled.

For more details on the history of the model, you can check the blog:

This Omaas Lucens in black celluloid is in excellent condition with only very limited signs of time and use. It dates back to 1936 and it is part of the early production ( the greek-key cap band was abandoned in 1939 in favour of three rings).

The nib is a superb 14 ct Omas Extra with great flexibility.

The nib is M but it can offer a B line with minimal, very limited pressure.