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The Omas Extra Ogiva piston filler was introduced in1948 and remained in production for a very short span of time.

It was an innovative model but it was soon replaced by the 55X series, very similar in design but with a more slender look. The two lines, the Extra Ogiva and the 55X are actually very similar.

Omas Ogiva Extras were produced in three sizes: lady, standard and oversize. Even after the introduction of the 55X series, the Ogiva Extra oversize ( 557) remained in production with very limited variations in style and design.

For more details about this line of pens, you can check the blog:

They are robust and reliable writing instruments, perfect for every day use.

This Omas Extra Ogiva is in excellent condition  with slight traces of use on the ink window;  it has a very pleasant, extremely flexible nib.