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Omas introduced the Extra Lucens model in 1939.

These pens were manufactured in three sizes and in a  pretty limited range of colors ( brown, gray laminated, blue laminated, cracked ice) and were meant to be the top of the range.

They were originally fitted with a precious two tone Omas Extra Lucens nib. Nibs were available in a number of grades and both as flexible or rigid.

Later on the two tone nib was abandoned  and all the pens were fitted with single tone nibs.

This lady size Omas Extra Lucens in black celluloid has wartime finish and a 14 ct Extra Lucens nib. It is a cool little pen with a fantastic design and a great writer, too.

Condition is excelletn with only a few minor signs of use,

For more information about this model, you can check the blog: