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Pens with this name were produced from the late 1930's  to the early 1950’s. Early models are mostly quality piston fillers in beautiful celluloid,while later models include button fillers in typical spiderweb celluloid from the late 1940’s.

All the models were fitted with Ariston gold/steel nibs according to the time of production. One of the most successful lines l was named “Ariston Superior”. These pens were marketed as piston fillers in the late 1930’s and then as button fillers in the 40’s. The Clips are engraved wit the name "Ariston" and below them a small round  logo was placed. The logo contained the capital letter A. The style of this detail is reminiscent of Omas' Extra Lucens small AS logo on the cap.

The pens had gold nibs and clips with the Ariston engraving.The trademark was first registered in 1946 by Mr. Capaldi but it is not known if he produced pens on his own or the production of Ariston pens was commissioned to some bigger pen manufacturer.

Early piston filler recall some Montegrappa lines while later, economic models, may have been produced in Settimo Torninese.

Brand Info

  • Place of production Milano
  • Production time 1940’s
  • Owner Capaldi Andrea
  • Company Ariston
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