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Introduced in 1934, the Ink view model was meant to represent Waterman's reply to the success of the Parker Vacumatic with its transparent barrel and innovative vacuum filling mechanism.

The ingenious small lever positioned at the end of the barrel and connected to a short ink sac enables the Ink View to draw ink into the barrel and offer transparency, as it was fashionable at the time.

Initially offered only in two colors: emerald ray ( green) and silver ray  (gray), the model was upgraded in 1936 with the introduction of a De Luxe versions and the addition of two extra colors: jet ( black) and copper ray ( red).

De Luxe models are bigger than standard Ink Views and are enriched by a large cap band. They are fitted with a Nr. 7 keyhole nib, while standard models have a Nr. 5 nib.

They are much rarer than standard models and it is extremely difficult to find them in pristine condition.

This Ink view set is unused and in superb condition.

Nib grade is EF and it is a very pleasant writer ( I just dipped the nib).