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In the early 1990s Visconti entered the market of fountain pens with very innovative ideas. The young Florentine company aimed at creating exclusive writing instruments which could synthesise tradition and innovation.

Visconti did not manufacture its own pens and made reference to external manufacturers to have all the semifinished components. Visconti early products were the result of a collaboration with the German firm Kaweco and the Japanese Kato Seisakusho Company.

Their first line of products was called Classic and replicated then design of vintage flat top models from the 1920s. Another line was called  Ragtime; the denomination made reference to the musical trend which developed in the USA from the late 1800 and the first decade of 1900. The pens had a very traditional design, with a peculiar clip which was reminiscent of mobile clips of the past. Ragtime pens were made in celluloid in a variety of colours. Nibs were initially steel; later on gold nibs were adopted, too.

The line was extremely successful.

Visconti was led by two very special personalities, whose union gave shape to a dynamic and creative company. Dante del Vecchio gave his ingenious contribution designing filling mechanisms and innovative features for Visconti models while Luigi Poli contributed with a deep knowledge of the history of pens. The result was a success story and a number of extraordinary models which still represent an important part of the history of fountain pen making in Italy in the 1990s.

This unusual Ragtime model was part of a limited edition of 4 pieces called "The 4 Seasons (Le Stagioni) issued in 1993 in 300 pieces per color. Each season had a different color combination: Winter: gray and black, Summer: black and orange, Spring: blue and brown and Autumn: black and burgundy. Caps and blinds caps are in celluloid, while barrels are in acrylic. This Autumn Ragtime is fitted with a steel nib and is a converter/cartridge filler. 

It is unused.

It is definitely a very interesting collectible and a good writer, too if you like using stiff nibs.