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In 1994 Visconti issued a limited edition dedicated to Federico II, the famous king who was born in 1194 and was dubbed as "stupor mundi" (wonder of the world). 

Federico II descended on his paternal side from the noble Hohenstaufen family and on his maternal side from the noble Sicilian-Norman family of Altavilla, conquerors of Sicily and founders of the Kingdom of Sicily. He was endowed with a multifaceted and fascinating personality and became King of four kingdoms: Italy, Germany, Sicily and Jerusalem,

Visconti's limited edition celebrated the first 800 years since his birth and was composed by 4 pens ( The model is an early ragtime with flat cap top) in 4 different colors, each dedicated to a Kingdom and manufactured in 800 pieces.

This Visconti Federico II limited edition is dedicated to the Kingdom of Jerusalem and it is enriched with a beautiful clip with the engraving of Federico's date of birth (1194) on one side and the year of introduction of the limited edition (1994) on the other side. The serial number of the pen is 164, which is engraved on the cap top.

The nib is gold plated steel, grade F.

The pen is pre-owned but it is in excellent condition.