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VIsconti introduced the Divina Proporzione limited edition in 2008 (1618 pieces); this model was fitted with Visconti’s famous power filler mechanism.

The name Divina Proporzione derives from the book “de Divina Proportione”  by Luca Pancioli, illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci.

The book analyzes mathematical proportions  with reference to the golden ratio  (1:1,618) and their applications to geometry, to visual art  and architecture.

The design of the pen has been developed applying the golden ratio to cap and barrel in order to have a perfect pen.

Perfection of lines and design are furthermore enhanced thanks to the application of the pentagon, the perfect , never ending spiral referring to Fibonacci’s sequences.

The original packaging of the pen contains in fact a compass which was used at the time to trace circles and pentacles  which were the expression of the “quintessence”, absolute perfection.

The Divina Proporzione was re-introduced on the market in 2012 with a different look.

This time Visconti used a fancy brown/pinkish celluloid with blue steaks which recalls springs of water in the desert.

The pen was named Divina Desert Spring. It is a limited edition with a similar packaging as the previous Divina Proporzione.

This pen is nr. 0738/1618.

The nib is Palladium and it is grade F.

The celluloid Visconti used recreated a pattern which had been used in the past by Parker and Montegrappa, a very evocative chromatic combination.