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In the early 1990's Visconti was able to acquire a remarkable quantity of vintage celluloid rods. They used these rods to manufacture the line of D'Essai piston fillers.

The Visconti D'Essai was a limited edition with a traditional design, echoing the straight lines of the flat top pens of the 20's. The range of colors was pretty wide, pineneedle, marbled green, marbled gray, laminated gray, ivorine, pink and a few others.

The number of pieces produced for each color was determined by the quantity of celluloid available so that each color had its own serial number.

The number of pieces produced in laminated gray celluloid was 400 and this pen is nr. 112. The pen comes without box and papers.

Nib is 14 ct gold with the typical Visconti decoration.