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In their very early years of production, Visconti marketed pens which were designed to bring tradition back to life. The linear and elegant design of the world famous Big Red by Duofold with black ends and ball ended clip, was transferred onto Visconti's Classic line.

Visconti Classic pens are piston fillers and are fitted with vintage  gold plated steel nibs coming from a new old stock rescued from old time manufacturers.

Part of the Classic line was manufactured on commission for Visconti by the Kaweco factory in Germany with Japanese materials, then assembled and finished in Italy.

The range of colors of the Classic line is very wide: marbled, lined, striped and single tone celluloids and cellulose acetate were used.

This pen is part of the very early Visconti history and  although very simple and with a very stiff nib, it fits perfectly well in a collection of modern Italian pens.