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TIBALDI MOD. 60 - cream and blue striated celluloid

In 1998, when the Tibaldi brand was revitalized, the Modello 60 and Modello 50 were introduced. The model name was mutuated from the models which had been produced by Tibaldi in the 1930's.

The pens were designed to replicate the style of vintage models:  they were fitted with decorative tassels on the cap top and barrel end, the clip was modelled following the lines of vintage Tibaldi clips and the selection of colors matched the range offered in the 1930s by Tibaldi.

The Modello 60 and Modello 50 were manufactured in brown marbled, red marbled and blue striped celluloid.

The striped celluloid is undoubtedly very fascinating and rich with pearlescent effects..

The model is a piston filler and it is fitted with its original 18 ct gold nib, grade M.

This pen is pre-owned but in excellent condition.