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Doctor's pens are among the rarest Italian vintage pens.They  have been produced only by a very few companies: Omas, Kosca and Tibaldi.

While I have seen more than a dozen Omas Doctor's pens, the number of Tibaldi Doctor's pens I have encountered in some 30 years of pen activity is lower than five.

This pen is one of these.

The principle of a Doctor pen is very simple: the internal barrel is divided in two sections: one is meant to hold ink while the other is meant to house the thermometer.

Omas  produced a Doctor's pen as a lever filler in ebonite but, as a rule, Doctor's pens are all eyedropper fillers.

Time of production is approximately mid 1920's.

This pen is in pristine condition and it has it original box. The thermometer is fully original ad not a replacement form the 1960's as it often happens.

The nib is very early and very flexible... although I would not suggest to use this super rare pen as an everyday writer!

The overlay is rolled gold. The guilloché decoration with wavy lines is typical of Tibaldi overlays.