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In 2004 Stipula launched a new model, which was dedicated to  Leonardo da Vinci's engineering genius. The pen is a capless where the nib is retracted into the pen and pulled out by turning the ring below the section. The pen is a cartridge filler and you can access the cartridge just unscrewing the barrel. When the nib is retracted into the pen, the cartridge inside the steel cylinder is exposed and can be reached to be replaced.

The most interesting aspect of this pen is the tiny lid which closes and opens whenever the nib is pulledout or retracted into the pen.

The capless model is presently part of Stipula's standard production with a number of  estethical  details which differ from this very early model which was designed as a limited edition of only 193 pieces.

The strange engraving on the barrel on top of the serial is Leonardo's signature, who used to write it from right to left.

The pen is pre-owned but it is in pristine condition and it is fitted with a 18 ct gold nib, grade F.