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Stilus pens are often undervalued and they are not so much known worldwide. The company which manufactured them, Initially named Pecco & c. Stilus, was actually one of the oldest pen makers in Italy. It was founded  in Turin  in 1917 by Mr. Emilio Pecco long before Aurora Omas and  many other better known companies.The company was later renamed using the Stilus name, only. 

The range of Stilus pens is very wide starting with ebonite safety pens through beautiful celluloid models  which were of outstanding quality. Stilus safety pens are noteworthy because of their usual look ( A few models  had a patented screw mechanism at the bottom of the turning knob) and also because they were manufactured in cardinal red ebonite and in  green mottled ebonite, two very unusual colors in Italy at the time.

Stilus pens were also available with gold filled overlays which are generally very distinctive and of very high quality.

This Stilus safety pen with rolled gold overlay is part of the 1920's production and sports a very beautiful and original high relief floral decoration. The pen shows some signs of time, with some minimal traces of brassing. It is however in very good condition and is fitted with a very pleasant, smooth and flexible 14 ct Stilus nib.

Its a medium size  (length is 11,5 cm)with a charming Art Nouveau style; it can be a very appealing entry level pen to start exploring the world of rolled gold overlays and learn how to enjoy writing with a beautiful safety pen.