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Soennecken is one of the most ancient pen manufacturers in Europe. The company was founded in 1869 by Friedrich Soennecken and started its activity in the production of office supplies. Soennecken's productive and marketing strategies were  by far ahead of his time. He decided to aim at quality for all his products and focus on customer care.

The company was extremely successful and gained a very large share of the market.

Soennecken fountain pens, initially manufactured as eyedroppers only, soon evolved into more refined and technically advanced instruments. The piston filling system was introduced in 1935.

This Soennecken 507 dates back to the years 1938/1942 and it is fitted with a very nice and pleasant 14 ct Soennecken nib.

The cap top is decorated with the company logo.

The pen is new old stock and it is fitted with an extremely pleasant and well performing flexible nib, grade F.