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In 1936 Soennecken entered the market of piston fillers and gained remarkable success with the public thanks to the high quality of its products and its nibs.

In the 1950s Soennecken tried to distinguish itself from  Germany's general standards of production where most pens were manufactured in black or dark shades and introduced a series of extremely expensive piston fillers with a sophisticated  piston filling mechanism.

The new lines of pens which were introduced in 1952 were: 111 ( 7 colors), 222 ( 5 colors), 444 (5 colors).

In 1956 the 333 series of piston fillers was introduced, with Extra and Superior models. 

The 333 Superior is a rather  small model( 12,2 cm which was manufactured in 5 colors, while the Extra was manufactured in two sizes, one of which is identical in length to the Superior and one is longer.

The relatively limited success of these models and i the extreme fragility of the celluloid of some of the colors, make these pens extremely rare and desirable nowadays.

This Soennecken 333 Superior in brown lined celluloid is in excellent condition, with no damages. The nib is extremely pleasant, smooth and nicely flexible.