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Radius pens were manufactured in Turin by the S.A.F.I.S. company, which was one of the biggest and more active pen makers in that area.

They were active from the early 1920's till the 1950's manufacturing their own brands and many on commission, too.

Their most famous and successful brands were The King, Radius and in the late 1930's/1940s, Astura, the latter being primarily directed to the low-price market.

Prismatica models were added in the late 1930s to flank the Radius brand, in order to have a high quality but less expensive line of pens. These were facetted pens in beautiful celluloid which sported the same cap band as Radius Superior pens  but had a different clip.

They were fitted with Radius nibs, too.

This Prismatica Extra is a medium size in gray laminated celluloid. It has a customization on the barrel but it is in excellent condition. The nib is a great writer, being very soft, smooth and pretty flexible.