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In 1988 Parker introduced the modern Duofold model, which followed the style and design of the world famous "Big Red " of the past.

The new pen was similar but completely different at the same time. Initially only 3 colors were manufactured but the range was soon enlarged. The new model was called Centennial and the following year it was flanked by a thinner and slightly shorter model which was named International.

The success was immediate and both the Centennial and the International have been super sellers for many years.

In 1991 Parker introduced the Duofold Gold and Sterling silver collection. The line comprised Centennial and International fountain pen, ball pen, rollerball and pencil. While the Sterling silver collection was manufactured with a casing in 925 solid silver, the Gold collection was not  solid gold,  having a brass casing with 23K gold plating.

This Parker Duofold International in sterling silver is pre-owned but it has never been inked.

Nib grade is M.

Unfortunately, there is no box.


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