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This is something quite unique.

This 25 X 40 cm box covered in dark green faux leather is an Omas nib testing set.

Only a very very few of these boxes were made on commission and sold to specialized retailers in Italy. They contain 15 Omas 18 ct  nibs with section to cover all the grades (including 4 Superflessibile nibs) the Bologna-based pen Company offered to its customers.

The set also contains a black Paragon piston filler onto which the various nib/section units can be screwed.

The box is completed by two bottles, one containing black ink and the other containing water. There is also a wipe cloth, housed in the small pocket on the lid.

This nib testing set has a peculiarity, though. The black Paragon is not a dummy, as all other pens included in these boxes are, but a real Paragon, with working filling mechanism and it can be used to write.

These boxes were manufactured by Omas only upon request and were reserved to specialized retailers. Probably only a dozen of them were manufactured.

The set is unused and as perfect as perfect can be.

Definitely  the ultimate item for the most demanding Omas collector.