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OMAS MINERVA CLASSICA Sr. size - arco gray celluloid

Omas introduced the Classica series in the first half of the 1930s. 

Minerva Classica are slender lever fillers with a perfect balance which were produced in three sizes and a variety of colorful celluloids. Beyond solid black, these pens were manufactured in striking striped green, gray and  blue and in gray and red arco celluloids.

The arco celluloid used for Minervas is different from the one Omas used for its other models. The arco pattern is achieved using lined celluloid which creates a pattern of  symetric arches, totally different from the more casual and richer  patterns generally found on Extras and 361s.

Senior size Minerva Classica  models in arco celluloid are very rare.

This Minerva Classica is in outstanding condition with no signs of wear. The gray arco celluloid is very shiny and does not show any sign of discoloration.