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The E.E. Ercolessi pen shop was one of the most ancient and famous pen shops in Milan. It was founded in 1921 and was a major reference shop for pen lovers and collectors for almost a century.

In the1920's  and in the following decades they used to have their own E.E. Ercolessi pens produced on commission by various pen makers, including Omas.

A number of E.E. Ercolessi pens were manufactured by Omas using  Minerva models, with slight or minimal revision of the design .

In 1995 Ercolessi commissioned the production of a special pen to celebrate its first 75 years of activity. The color they chose was green as this had always been the company's symbolic color.

The pen was manufactured in a beautiful green marbled celluloid. The packaging comprised a large wooden box, a bottle of green ink and a shiny green outer cardboard box.

This pen is in near mint condition. It has been used just once to test the nib. The packaging is not complete as the bottle of ink has been opened and the internal lining of the box has been removed ( I suppose it was stained) and there is no outer box.

It is a beautiful piston filler in a fantastic color.