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Introduced in the late 1940's the Omas  55X series was designed to be a real "work horse".

The line comprised both  cylindrical models (with the "S" suffix) and facetted models (with the "F" suffix). Ogival modelsl were available in three sizes (555, 556 and 557) both in celluloid and with gold filled cap, to follow the  style of the world famous Parker 51.

Models with complete overlay exist and they were part of the more exclusive production, meant primarily for important gifts  for confirmation or remarkable school achievements. 

For more details about the 55X models, please check the blog:

Although pretty thin and light, the 55X/S modelS are really sturdy and very well balanced. They are all piston fillers, perfect for everyday use.

The smaller size 555/S was designed for female or junior users. These pens vernally have fantastic, super flexible nibs. This is one of those.

The nib on this pen is responsive, flexible and very smooth, a real pleasure to use.