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In 2000 Omas celebrated its 75th anniversary and manufactured a few lines of pens which  were designed to embody the  company's tradition of beauty and elegance.

The nibs used on these lines of pens bear the number 75 to recall Omas' Anniversary.  75th Anniversary. 75th Anniversary nibs were used for a number of standard productions which were marketed that year, too, along with the inscription on the cap "75th Anniversary".

Among these lines there are Paragons, Ogivas and 360s.

These are non limited editions in terms of pieces manufactured but their are limited in terms of time, as they were marketed in 2000 only.

This Omas 360 75th Anniversary piston filler is part of this production. The pen is unused and it comes with the 75th anniversary box (partially damaged) and booklet.

Nib grade is M.