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In the 1990's many Italian historical brands were revived and a number of limited editions were manufactured replicating vintage models.

Nettuno ( founded in Bologna by Mr. Vecchietti in 1911)  is one of these brands. The model which was chosen to bring the Nettuno brand back to life is the Superba, one of the most beautiful pens ever produced.

The Superba was a fantastic model which was manufactured in three sizes in the second half of the 1930's. It was enriched with a checquered cap band and 6 decorative rings on cap and barrel. 

The modern Superba was manufactured in 1996 in moss celluloid and all its finishing details recall the Superba model of the 1930s. The three initials on the nib ( ACV) refer to Mr. Vecchietti's wife: Ada Corazza Vecchietti. Vintage gold Nettuno nibs had the same initials.

The packaging of the modern Nettuno contains a handwritten warranty signed by Mrs. Marina Vecchietti, who was Nettuno's founder daughter and managed the Vecchietti pen shop in Bologna since she was a young girl.The warranty is decorated with a green ribbon and a small vintage adhesive representing the Neptune statue in Bologna which was rescued in Vecchietti's warehouse. 

The original Superba of the 1930's was a button filler; the 1900's model was fitted with a kind of twist filling mechanism which can be easily replaced with a converter contained in the original packaging.

This pen is unused and it comes with its complete packaging. Nib grade is F

Only 911 pieces of this pen were manufactured, to honour Nettuno's foundation date. This pen is nr. 246.