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Montblanc introduced the 14X line in 1948 as a restyling of the 13X line.

All the pens of the new line were manufactured in celluloid. Beyond black, Montblanc later on introduced a beautiful striped celluloid in two tones of green and gray which was used for all the sizes.

Initially only sizes 142, 144 and 146 were produced. In 1952, 149,  the biggest size was introduced and it definitely replaced the historical 139 model. The big 149 was manufactured in black celluloid only.

Early feeders on these models were flat with two back channels. Later feeders have a bumped back and a different design.

As regards the G suffix, there are various theories. One of these states that the G suffix was adopted during wartime to identify pens gold nibs and kept on being used later, when there were no more restrictions on the use of gold. Actually there is no difference between a 14X and a 14X G apart from the inscription on the turning knob.

Another source states instead that the G suffix was used only on the first models  and it is associated with the early flat feeder.

The Montblanc 149 in black celluloid with silver rings is considered a grail pen by many collectors. It is actually one of the most desirable pens from the 1950's ad it is a fantastic writer.

The piston has a telescopic mechanism and the pen has a very sturdy and robust appearance.

This Montblanc 149 is fitted with a bump feeder and has a very pleasant M nib which is nicely flexible.

The pen is in excellent condition with only some minimal signs of time and use.