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MONTBLANC 149 - 1980s - NOS

Ever since its introduction in the 1950's the 149 has been one of the most desirable models by Montblanc.

The model has undergone a number of revisions in the course of decades with many details such as feeder, shape of the section, clip and mechanism, being slightly modified. 

Dating a Montblanc 149 is not always easy and immediate although a few details can be taken as a reference to place a pen at least in the right decade.

This 149 dates back to the 1980's. It has a fluted section, a 14C gold nib, an ebonite feeder and a black mechanism.

The ring of the clip is slightly thicker than more modern ones and it shows the engraving: "Germany".

Most pens of this time show "W.Germany" so this ring is quite unusual.

The nib is 14C, grade F, nicely flexible.