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In 21010 Bic issued a line of commemorative ball pens in sterling silver and in briarwood to celebrate the first 60 years of the world-famous Bic Cristal model.

The Bic Cristal was introduced on the market in 1950 and it definitely changed the world of writing.

Its transparent hexagonal polystirene barrel containing a polypropylene ink tube drew inspiration from pencils.

This new writing instrument used a special solid ink which fed a rolling sphere on the tip of the pen and it was inexpensive, easy to use, modern and disposable.

Bic’s success was immediately huge. It soon became the world’s most selling pen and in 2006 more than 100 billions Bics had been sold.

The Bic Cristal is part of the permanent MOMA collection as it represents a milestone in the history of design.

This commemorative Bic in sterling silver is in excellent condition and it comes with its original presentation box.