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AURORA ARA 3 - mottled ebonite

In the early 1920's Aurora introduced the A.R.A. line of pens, where the standard-sized A.R.A. 4 was the leading model.

A.R.A. is the acronym of "Aurora - Riempimento- Automatico" ( Aurora self filler).

A.R.A.pens were produced in black and in mottled ebonite. Sizes were: 5 ( oversize), 4 (standard size), 3 (lady size) and 35 (midway between 3 and 4). All models could have gold filled, solid gold or solid silver overlays.

This Aurora A.R.A. 3 is in excellent condition with a very crips imprint on the barrel.

Nib is F, flexible.

In the pictures the A.R.A. 3 is shown together with a Duplex lady size in red celluloid, which represents the evolution of the model.