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Anima Vintage is a productive project deriving from the collaboration with Sec Calligraphy by Stefano Costantini.

The idea supporting the project is to manufacture  hand made high quality fountain pens drawing inspiration from the past.The design and details of Anima Vintage fountain pens are developed with tradition as a reference.

In most cases, nibs are recycled from vintage models as the main interest is having pens which are not only beautiful and pleasant to use, but which also write well and can offer some level of flexibility.

The  series comprises pens which are simple, elegant, light in the hand and perfectly balanced, equipped with high quality vintage gold nibs.

The entire productive process of Anima Vintage pens is completed exclusively by hand making each piece unique. Each component is hand-made, finished and assembled by hand.

Like the pens of the past, Anima Vintage models are free of glue. Every pieces is assembled by thread or friction: cap bands are fitted by hand, nibs and feeders are assembled one by one and individually tested.

The filling mechanism on Anima Vintage Line models  is a push knob, very similar to the mechanism Montblanc used in the 1930's. An  ingenious ink window  recalls piston fillers from the past.

Each Anima vintage pen is individually numbered. 

The Anima Vintage series comprises three models:

Anima Vintage Line

Anima Vintage Ogiva

Anima Vintage Deco

Within the ANIMA VINTAGE project, Stefano and I have developed a special model called OGIVA EXTRA.

The idea for this model derives from a super rare Omas Ogiva model I have owned for may years now. It is a unique piece in green jade celluloid, which is included in the second volume of the History of Italian Fountain Pens ( page 72).It is one of the most beautiful and unusual Omas pens I have ever met in my experience.

Stefano was able to perfectly reproduce the model in every detail and manufactured a perfect replica. We decided to call it OGIVA EXTRA  and fit it with vintage Omas Extra nibs. And original vintage ebonite feeders.

The pen is a button filler like the original  one and every single part of it is hand made with the same productive principles as vintage pens were made. There is no glue but only threads and friction fit parts.

OGIVA EXTRA pens are presently available both in black ebonite and amber acrylic.

The series is not limited, but I only have a limited number of Omas nibs.

This Ogiva Extra in amber acrylic has a very pleasant Omas Extra nib grade F.