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In the 1990s Stipula developed two lines of pens which represented the basis onto which to develop its entire production: the florentia, with linear design and Flt ends and the Etruria, which instead had a torpedo design.

Both lines had a solid silver/solid gold engraved cap band. Both lines were manufactured both in acrylic and in celluloid and sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish between the two since Stipula used very similar acrylic and celluloid colours. Stipula Florentines were manufactured in ebonite as well.

The models have remained more or less unchanged since their introduction, with some variations in size and in the metal finish

This Stipula Florentia 350 in red amber acrylic is part of the 1990's production, it is unused and  in pristine condition. The clip and the cap band are in solid silver, as per Stipula's tradition. The nib is 18 ct gold, grade M.