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Omas has always had a special attention for lady pens.

In the 1930's and 1940's Omas offered all their models in the lady version which could be manufactured in a wider variety of colors than senior an junior models. Omas vintage lady pens are cute little writing instruments with a charming design and a definite identity; they were manufactured both as ring tops and with pocket clips.

In the following decades, lady pens continued to be manufactured but transformed themselves simply in smaller versions of their male counterparts.

In the 1960s, lady pens were named Dama and kept this denomination in the 1980's, too, when Omas switched from celluloid to resin.

When Omas re-introduced celluloid in the 1990s, the tradition of the double option (ring top / pocket clip) for lady pens was revitalized and Omas offered Dama models (with clip) and Princess models (ring tops) in many colors, including arco bronze, arco green,  marbled burgundy, saft green, saffron etc.

This Omas princess in gray pearl celluloid is unusued and in superb condition. It is fitted with a 18 ct gold nib, grade F.