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Gentlemen and Milord piston fillers represented Omas' top line in the 1960's. 

These facetted pens were manufactured in jet black and pearl gray celluloid and were enriched with a beautiful greek key cap band.

Milord pens are standard size, while Gentlemen pens are bigger, corresponding to the oversize models of the past.

On  this line of pens Omas used  superb Omas Extra Lucens nibs  which had been used on the Extra Lucens models of the 1930's and on the 55X/F line of the previous decade. These nibs can be extremely flexible and very responsive.

This is the reason why both Gentlemen and Milord pens are very appreciated today and are becoming scarcer and scarcer on the market.

This Omas Milord is fitted with a very flexible M nIb, which is very responsive to pressure and can easily write with a B line.

The pen is in excellent condition with only minimal signs of use and time.