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Lech Walesa represents one of the most significant personalities of the last century. His activity in the campaign for freedom and refusal of the communist party's monopoly of power at the head of the trade union called Solidarity in Poland was of essential importance to lead his country out of the Communist influence zone and activate the process of disgregation of the Communist party in Europe.

Lech Walesa was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1983 " for non-violent struggle for free trade unions and human rights in Poland".

The pen celebrates the first decade of non-communist government in Poland which began in 1989 when Walesa won the presidential elections  thus marking the birth of the modern Republic of Poland after decades of Communist regime derived from the Yalta Agreements.

The "X" on the nib is a Roman digit meaning "10" and it is surrounded by a bailiff crown to symbolise peace. The barrel of the pen shows Lech Walesa's signature.

only 1989 pieces were manufactured.

This Omas Walesa limited edition pen is unused and comes with its complete packaging. Unfortunately, the box is damaged.

Nib grade is  B.