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At the end of WWII, Omas meant to restyle its line of pens and introduce a more practical filling mechanism which would substitute the reverse plunger filler which had been used on Lucens and Extra Lucens  models.

The new piston fillers were named 55X and were manufactured in three sizes and a wide range of colors: black, pearl gray, blue marbled, cappuccino, tortoise brown, arco gray and arco bronze. The new model had an ink window which could have either a reddish or a yellowish transparency and was fitted with Omas Extra nibs.

In terms of design, the postwar 55X line retained the  traditional shape which was reminiscent of earlier Omas Extra lever fillers and Lucens models, with a roller clip and a fluted cap shape.

These pens are pretty rare nowadays because they were produced for a couple of years only and were soon replaced but the more modern line of  ogiva-shaped and facetted Extra models introduced in in 1948.

This Omas Extra in gray pearl celluloid is in fantastic condition, with very minimal signs of time and it is fitted with a very pleasant Omas Extra 14 ct gold nib, grade EF.

The cap has the "Accossano- Rome" customization.