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OMAS BUFFETTI - limited edition MIB

During the 1990's Omas produced a number of special and limited editions on commission. In most cases Omas used standard models with the addition of special details or just changed the clip design or the  decoration of the cap band. Very often special editions were produced in a range of colors which were not used for standard production.

The Omas Buffetti limited edition was manufactured in 1992 to celebrate the first 140 years of activity of one of the most famous chains of stationery retailers and office suppliers in Italy. 2600 pens were manufactured.

The pen is actually an ogiva 557 in light blue resin (such a shade of blue was never used for standard ogivas) with a customized cap band with the word "Buffetti".

The pen was retailed in a blue presentation box.

This pen is pre-owned and  it is without box. Nib grade is F.