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Omas introduced the 360 model in 1996.

It was a very innovative model, designed by the Italian architect Stefano Bini. Its triangular shape was meant to enhance the correct position of fingers when writing.

The design of the pen is based on the so-called Releaux triangle, an equilateral triangle with three angles of 60 degrees each, hence the name of the model.

The early production was limited to black/bluish pens with a length of 16 cm, which are presently known as Magnum 360s.

Standard models were introduced later and a large variety of colors was added. Standard 360s have a length of 15 cms and can be found both with HT or gold filled finish both as piston fillers and as cartridge fillers.

In 2006 Omas issued a 360 Lucens limited edition to celebrate the first 10 years of the model. The limited edition was manufactured in transparent blue speckled celluloid with a silver section in only 1000 pieces. The model name 360 Lucens with the serial number are engraved on the section. The pen is a piston filler fitted with a celebrative nib with the engraving of the dates 1996-2006. 

This pen is in pristine condition and it comes with its complete original packaging. Nib grade is M.