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Founded in Milan in 1925, the Kosca Company was initially active in the distribution of items with gold filled  and semi precious overlays like combs, compact cases and pencils made in Germany. Later on the company started its own productive facility to manufacture its own pens which were then marketed with the brand names Kosca, Cosca, Spezial and Spezial Super. 

The Company specialized in the production of high quality overlays and also produced a wide variety of models including a doctor's pen in hard rubber. Kosca pens were manufactured in high quality celluloid as button fillers and later on as piston fillers. 
All models were fitted with omonimous Kosca 14 ct gold nibs.

Kosca overlays were highly appreciated by the market and the company was entrusted with the production of overlays for a number of foreign major brands, among which Waterman in the 1930's and 1940s and most probably Montblanc in the 1920's and 1930s.

NOTE: see the article in BLOG: Kosca: updating and additions


Production went on till the 1950's with medium quality writing instruments and students' pens. 


Brand Info

  • Place of production Milano
  • Production time 1920's/1950's
  • Owner Kohler e Schaefer
  • Company Kosca

KOSCA gray pearl piston filler

Very rare and unusual Kosca piston filler in gray pearl celluloid. The cap finish of this pen shows marked similarities to Omas' Minervas plunger fillers.

The pen is in excellent condition and in perfect working order. It is fitted with its original 14 ct Kosca gold nib, very smooth and flexible.

Time of production: 1940's

KOSCA arco brown celluloid button filler

Rare 1930s Kosca button filler in arco brown celluloid, medium size. The celluloid used for this pen is exactly identical to the celluloid Omas used for its  own models.

The pen is in very good condition with only some minor traces of brassing on clip and cap bands, some marks on the section.

It comes with its original Kosca box.

KOSCA brown laminated piston filler

Founded in the 1920's, the Kosca Company was based in Milan and had a very long productive life. In the late 1940's/early 1950's most of their models were manufactured with a torpedo design both  in laminated celluloid and various, mainly  dark colors, with varying cap finishes. 

Top of the line models had gold nibs and the typical Kosca clip, while less expensive models had steel nibs and less refined cap finishes.

This pen is part of the 1950's top lines. 

The pen is a piston filer in perfect working order and has a two tone 14 ct Kosca nib, grade EF semiflex.

KOSCA lever filler 18KR overlay

Beautiful and rare 1930's Kosca lever filler with Art Deco overlay. The blind cap of the pen can be removed to be replaced with an ebonite tail so that the pen can be transformed into a desk pens. Unfortunately I do not have the original ebonite tail.

The overlay is in perfect condition with no dings and no traces of brassing.

Time of production: 1930's

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