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Waterman introduced lever fillers approximately in 1914/15.

They were identified with the model number 5, followed by the number corresponding to the size of the nib. Sizes went from the small 51 to the large 58.

52 was undoubtedly the most successful size, since it was perfect to fit small and medium sized hands. It could also be had in the thinner version as 52 1/2 or in the shorter version as 52V. Short and thin models were available, too as 52 1/2Vs.

Initially manufactured in black ebonite, both smooth and chased, the 52 was soon embellished with a variety of overlays in sterling silver, gold filled and solid gold and later on it was manufactured in red mottled, ripple and cardinal ebonite, too.

This Waterman 52 is in excellent condition with very minimal traces of time and use.

The nib is stub, a very pleasant and enjoyable writer.