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Ever since its introduction in the 1950's the 149 has been one of the most desirable models by Montblanc.

The model has undergone a number of revisions in the course of decades with many details such as feeder, shape of the section, clip and mechanism, being slightly modified. 

Dating a Montblanc 149 is not always easy and immediate although a few details can be taken as a reference  such as feeder, shape of the section, type of mechanism, length and design of the clip etc.

This 149  is a very nice early example which marks the passage from celluloid to resin in the 1960's. The pen has a fluted section and a beautiful three tone 18 C nib. The ebonite feeder is still very similar to the bump feeder found on celluloid pens and the turning knob has a black thread. The ring at the end of the barrel is very thin and reminds of the rounded rings typical of celluloid Meisterstuck 149s.

The nib writes beautifully and it is an F.

The pen comes in a Montblanc box which is not the original one for this model.