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In the 1950's Tibaldi reviewed the design of its models, which became torpedo-shaped and  were available both as button fillers and piston fillers. Old models such as the Trasparente were redesigned to acquire a more modern look and new models were introduced. The new models were named 26 - L (senior size) and 20-L (medium size) and had very simple trimmings with a single cap band and a streamlined clip. They were manufactured in a wide range of colors.

This Tibaldi 20-L is a lady size pen in gray arco celluloid with a very pleasant B flexible nib.The pen is a button filler, with a very weird peculiarity as the barrel shows three imprints: The standard Tibaldi 20-L imprint, the name "Italianissima" in capital letter and the promotional advertizing "contabilità e ricalco" (advertizing and carbon copy), with a deeper engraving.

I do not know if Italianissima was the name of the company which offered accounting and carbon copying services or if this pen is another example of brand overlapping, which was not uncommon in Italy at the time. It is however a very interesting collectible and and a great  pen to use.