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OMAS PARAGON 557/F - 1980'S

In the early 1980's, when the lines of Milord and Gentlemen in celluloid were discontinued and Omas introduced its first models in cotton resin, the top of the range was the Paragon model.

The model was named  Paragon but this denomination was never engraved on the barrels of the pens.  Early Paragons showed a serial number (although they were not a limited edition) along with " OMAS-557/F"  engraved on the barrel.  Later models  show only "OMAS EXTRA"  on the barrel. Models without engraving at all are also known.

They were initially fitted with 14 ct two tone nibs which were offered in a wide range of grades. Later nibs are 18 ct.

This Omas Paragon 557/F is pre-owned but in excellent condition. Nb is 18 ct, grade F.

A very pelasant everyday writer.